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Rick Hornyak really is a painter. His words and arrangements are like caricatures of people, places and things all over this beautiful country. Hornyak's penchant for creating tracks so likeable they run through one's head like water colors merging in a pool. In Marigold many redeeming qualities make for an enjoyable collection. 

Eager Listener

"Cigarettes" plays like a movie running in one's head. The highway landscape seems to hypnotize the listener through an imaginary windshield. Hornyak's voice and the crafty steel guitar creates a 'hard-livin'' picture captured in so many country western bars throughout the Plains and South. The listener is eager to ride shotgun in this first stop on the journey. 

"Cigarettes" is a perfect country western song that has leans in the Americana or roots genre. It also missed its chance to play on the soundtrack for Crazy Heart. 

"Don't Hide Away" picks up the tempo more than "Cigarettes" but Hornyak's vocals (he's somewhere between Jakob Dylan and a very, very subdued Kid Rock), are overshadowed by the wide reaching music bed. The orchestration paints such a grand picture - almost as if the sun is peaking up over the horizon. His lyrics are simple - and that's perfectly welcomed. 

"Door to Your Heart" showcases Hornyak's storytelling prowess. His has the listener engaged from the first guitar lick. Like the previous two tracks, his vocals are very every-man. He doesn't overdue things, and while some listeners might find these songs to sound very similiar, he narrowly escapes this through his lyrical arrangements. 

"Far From Home," "Foolish Love" and "Homesick Blues" are all very traditional country/roots tracks. The dependable percusion two steps nicely in tandem with the guitar riffs and Hornyak's natural empathy. 

Listen Closely

"Moving On (Without) You" slows it down quite a bit. The music bed is so stunning on this and rides like a horse. "Right In Front of Me" has a bit more 'rock' to the riff and Hornyak's voice gets a bit more energy injected into the lyrics and overall mood. This is a fun song to listen to the words closely. 

"See This Through" and "So Many Times Before" really keep in stride with other songs on Marigold. They are recognizable. But, the last track "The Monkey Song" has this quirkly, funky guitar riff that starts the song. The guitar squelches and it feels very almost 70s funk. It's a trip. At one point the organ tickles the listener! 

"The Monkey Song" really stands out as one of the album's best tracks. 

Overall CD Review is A

Overall, Marigold garners a solid A review. Fans of traditional country will like 99% of this - minus the last track ("The Monkey Song"). Fans of all music will love 100% of this collection.