Upcoming Performances

  • Jun 16

    Live Oak Brewing Company

    Del Valle

  • Jul 19

    Hurricanes Round Rock

    Round Rock

  • Jul 21

    Hays City Store


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[Google Translation]

To his roots in country music to discover moved Rick Hornyak, a relatively unknown singer in the world and country americana Philadelphia to Austin, a city with its many clubs and venues, where the lovers day and night of live music to enjoy. There he gained local fame with his band The Dealers. A few years later, leaving Rick this formation to pursue a solo career to build. For music that the singer real life weerspiegelt. Rick Hornyak is a romantic, who is blessed with a warm and gritty voice with sufficient elasticity.

The solo debut of Rick Hornyak called "Marigold". An album which he both old folk as countrypad treads. Elegant songs with a rough edge, where Rick and bank will not hide stabbing admiration for artists like Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash. Add to this the pedal steel, dobro, electric guitar, from the thousands recognizable steam locomotive sound where the spirit of Johnny Cash is hidden and you have an album that I definitely did not get enough of it. Twelve honest songs with strong melodies and accessible on his personal struggles in life. The new work of Rick Hornyak results in a pleasant CD. A delicate marriage between classic rock and Texas country sounds.

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